• Silica Gel Washing Medium Guarantee
    In order to get high purity silica gel, water reverse osmosis treatment is applied. The working principle is to give a certain pressure on the water.

    The water molecules and ionic minerals can penetrate the osmosis membrane, while the inorganic salts(heavy metals), organic matter, bacteria and viruses that are dissolved in water can not so that pure water and the other matters can be separated. After the pre-treatment and reverse osmosis treatment, the conductive medium in water can be removed completely. Generally, the water-resistance can reach 30000 Ohm. The technology can guarantee a high washing medium is provided to wash silica gel.
  • Raw Material Purifying Guarantee
    The working principle of the device is to separate the solid and the liquid. After filtration by pressure filter, the filter cake has a higher solid content and excellent separating ability.

    The basic principle of solid-liquid separation: when the mixed liquid passes through the filter medium (cloth),  the solid stays on the cloth, and gradually accumulates on the cloth to form the filter cake, while the pure liquid can penetrate the filter cloth. After filtration, we can get clear and transparent, high purity raw material-sodium silicate, which can ensure high-quality raw material can provide to produce silica gel.
  • Analysis and Detection Guarantee
    The Technology Center of Tangshan Honglin Silica Gel Co., Ltd. is equipped with TriStar II3020, manufactured by American Micromeritics Instrument Corp., which is a fully automated porosity analyzer. It can be used to conduct isothermal adsorption and desorption test, and to test the specific surface area, micropore volume and area distributions, mesopore pore volume and area distributions, total pore volume, etc.Three silica gel samples can be analyzed simultaneously to improve efficiency.

    The analyzer can provide a full adsorption curve, desorption curve, BET and Langmuir specific surface area, average pore size, and total pore volume in 1Pa, BJH mesopore value, large pore volume, size distribution, and total pore volume.
  • Power and Energy Guarantee
    The silica production system requires a great quantity of energy. The primary responsibility of the power plant is to provide sufficient steam pressure and heat to dry silica products so that we can provide customers goods with stable quality and controllable water content. The power plant also can serve other electric equipment.

    Our power plant is designed, operated and maintained strictly in line with National Electrical Operation Specification. We apply environmentally friendly and high-efficient 75T/H circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler to achieve sustainable development and to become a green chemical industry.
  • Raw Material Control
    Silica gel cat litter with SiO2 content more than 99 percent same of quartz sand is safe and environmentally friendly.

    Our group keeps the high-quality cat litter stable from the source of cat litter production, with large quartz sand and sodium silicate production bases.
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